Loyal Hufflepuff Finally Cancels Moviepass

Brilliant image found in an article also suffering the MoviePass feels: https://thenextweb.com/insider/2018/07/28/moviepass-should-be-paying-us/

I got loyalty inside my DNA.

A friend of mine first introduced me to MoviePass back in February 2018. Already a late-adopter to the scene, everything was great the first few months. Similar to swiping right on a dating profile that looked too good to be true, I fell in love with MoviePass way too quickly.

I started rediscovering my love of movies and followed all the rules. I was watching about four movies a month and was encouraging others to jump on this amazing bandwagon.

Although, I gotta say that word of mouth might have killed this doomed kick-starter. I stopped talking about MoviePass in the summer when my plans started getting ruined. Too many people had signed up, some abused the service, and others like me were just wanting to go see a movie on a Friday night for goodness sake.

A few months ago, I started noticing myself paying for at least one movie a month out of pocket just to see what I wanted to see when I wanted to see it. I would check Twitter and Reddit daily to see what others were saying about the service. Everyone seemed so enraged and unhappy, yet I was still defending MoviePass and finding a way to make it work.

When people would bring it up, I would respond with:

“Yes I still have Moviepass. I know, but I wil DIE with Moviepass!”

I wish someone would have just responded with…

“Honey, MoviePass. Is. Dead.”

That would have saved me $9.95.

But in true Hufflepuff fashion, I continued to give it another chance. My new theory was: If I get to a billing cycle where I don’t see my three movies that month, then I’ll cancel.

But as soon as I said that, I knew I had taken the graduation goggles off and suddenly opened up the floodgates to the red flags I had been ignoring all along.

Am I in an abusive relationship?

Ironically, the first time I noticed there was a red flag was when I was on my way to see “A Star is Born.

I had been looking at the schedule daily and planned my week around seeing this movie at a theater that was further away than usual. Driving to the theater with plenty of time to spare, I kept refreshing the app to see if I could reserve the showtime I had planned for.

By the time I got 100 feet away from the theater, the showtime I was trying to check-in for had disappeared. I was sitting in my car, looking at this app in front of the theater, feeling as if MoviePass had stood me up. So I swallowed my guilt and checked in for a later time. I broke the rules and I was devastated.

After getting out of “A Star is Born,” my spidey senses went up. I had planned my day around this to show up and then after getting there, got canceled on? This app was giving me serious Tinder vibes.

I was ghosted by Moviepass.

After “A Star is Born,” MoviePass was unresponsive. Had they moved? Miraculously, I was able to check-in to “mid-90s” on a Friday night two weeks ago and was so grateful that I was able to see this amazing movie.

But my new billing cycle had restarted and I realized I only saw one movie. It was time to face the truth.

I had been in this ghost town before and in 2016, I promised myself I would never find myself there again. So today, I finally canceled Moviepass.

thank u, next.

I’m so…fucking…grateful…for AMC A-List.

He treats me right. Lets me see what I want, when I want it. Gives me three dates in one week!? Doesn’t flake. Even lets me bring a friend along if I want to? Gives me a VIP access line for my popcorn and lets me see “Bohemian Rhapsody” opening weekend in IMAX as our first date? I mean talk about CHILLS.

As a loyal Hufflepuff, let me give you permission to break the tie. Get yourself a different service hun. You deserve it. I’ll see you at the movies.



I probably have my nose stuck in a book or I’m laughing at my own joke. Always writing. Here, you’ll find reviews & essays. www.loveleemonicaa.com

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Monica Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez

I probably have my nose stuck in a book or I’m laughing at my own joke. Always writing. Here, you’ll find reviews & essays. www.loveleemonicaa.com