I read a lot of self-help books. Recently, I’ve been drawn to books that talk about the mind and our relationship with it. Jay Shetty’s Think Like A Monk breaks down how to think like a monk in three parts. I’m going to break those down here and highlight the best parts of the book, along with my aha-moments.

Each part breaks into actions we can do to help us understand our mind, our purpose, and more importantly, our healing. After every section, Shetty gives you a meditation practice. There are graphs and charts in the book that blew my…

We’ve all been in this pandemic together. Some of us, like me, have spent it apart. Alone. In solitude. For me, it has been by choice and circumstance. I live alone, I am considered high risk.

In the beginning.

I was on a plane, coming back from a work trip in New York when news of COVID-19 was fluttering around. This was back in January. I was coming out of a ZUMBA class when the first international border was shut down. I work in the travel industry, this was a big deal. One of many, none of us saw coming.

My mom and…

Coldplay enjoys Everyday Life. Photo: Independent

On November 22, 2019, Coldplay released a new album. For me, ‘Everyday Life’ is the album that starts right after you finish listening to ‘Death and All His Friends’ on ‘Viva La Vida.’ Let me explain.

Viva La Vida

For every significant moment that has happened in my life, good or bad, Coldplay has released an album. Until November 22, 2019, the most significant album for me has always been ‘Viva La Vida.’

2008. This was a time in my life where I lost my faith, had my heart broken and was dealing with the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. I clung to…

My Spanish Grandmother.

Born in Madrid in 1935, my grandmother lived through the Spanish Civil War. At 14 years old, she had to leave her home and arrived with her three siblings and mother to be reunited with her father in Chihuahua.

At 18 years old, she had this portrait taken somewhere in Mexico. There are a lot of details I do not know about my grandmother’s life. She didn’t talk about the past very much. I know her as my mother’s mother. I called her Tita Pilly. Her name was Pilar Serrano Pacheco.

She gave me gifts.

When I was younger she would hand make crochet…

Watch this show. I’m serious. Photo: CW

Jane The Must-Watch

Ah, friends. Jane The Virgin has finally come to an end. If you snoozed on this show because you saw the word virgin in the title, let’s talk about why that made you so uncomfortable another time. While virginity is a social construct, that’s exactly how this show starts but it’s not at all how it ends.

After five glorious seasons, we said goodbye to Jane this week. Though for me, it was more of an ah-ha moment. …

Photo: Hulu

I am a millennial but I am not a Muslim. Yet, I still identify with Ramy Youssef.

For the last couple of years, I have been thinking about my identity and my space in the States. While Ramy’s storyline is completely different than mine, our identity struggles are a lot similar. As a first-generation Mexican-American born in the United States, I too am a Ramy.

The Episodes.

In the Hulu Television Series “Ramy,” the main character Ramy Hassan is a first-generation Egyptian-American who struggles with being a part of a Muslim community in a millennial generation.

Every episode of this show is…

Brilliant image found in an article also suffering the MoviePass feels: https://thenextweb.com/insider/2018/07/28/moviepass-should-be-paying-us/

I got loyalty inside my DNA.

A friend of mine first introduced me to MoviePass back in February 2018. Already a late-adopter to the scene, everything was great the first few months. Similar to swiping right on a dating profile that looked too good to be true, I fell in love with MoviePass way too quickly.

I started rediscovering my love of movies and followed all the rules. I was watching about four movies a month and was encouraging others to jump on this amazing bandwagon.

Although, I gotta say that word of mouth might have killed this doomed kick-starter. I stopped talking about MoviePass in…

Mis compas: Jamal, Monse, Ruby and Cesar from Netflix’s On My Block. Photo Credit: What’s On Netflix

There’s one show I can’t stop telling people to watch right now —Netflix’s On My Block. A story that follows four best friends about to enter high school. Blending culture, race, and traditions, with adolescent struggles, laughs and tears, The Goonies, and a whole lot of I want more.

How is this show different from all the other shows about high school?

You give these kids a voice.

You take undeniably quirky, relatable characters and put them in a real life setting. A chance to show the world that these kids are just like you: they have anxiety about living up to their parent’s pressures, they find their first love and experience heartache…

Monica Rodriguez

I probably have my nose stuck in a book or I’m laughing at my own joke. Always writing. Here, you’ll find reviews & essays. www.loveleemonicaa.com

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